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Eye Liner Pen


Perfect Art Eyeliner Pen for Perfect Eyes

• Soft and Skinny Tip
• Precision
• Intense Ink
• Easy to Use
• Long Lasting

Color : Black


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Do you want to get firm, precise eye lines and easy to use?

VIVA QUEEN Perfect Art Eyeliner Pen is the solution.

The shape of the packaging and the applicator that resembles a pen make this product easy to use. With just one swatch, VIVA QUEEN Perfect Art Eyeliner Pen is capable to produce intense black color. With a soft and skinny tip makes it easy to paint precision eye lines.

Various views can be obtained, from the natural look using the tight liner to the bold look using the winged liner.

The quick dry formula doesn't take too much time for you to do the make-up.

This eyeliner is long lasting, so it can last a long time on your make-up.

So, for perfect eyes, use VIVA QUEEN Perfect Art Eyeliner Pen

How to use :

Apply eyeliner to the eye line or eyelid according to the shape desired. To clean, use VIVA QUEEN Perfect Cleanse Make Up Remover.

Available size : 1.2 mL

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