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Daily Refill Hand Wash


Hand Wash Energizing


Hand Wash Energizing


Hand Wash Energizing


Hand Wash Energizing
Rp46,800 Save Rp15,600


Pack content

Hand sanitizer, optimally cleans grease, dirt, germs and bacteria by:

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice provides natural moisture
  • Soothing aloe scent
  • Anti Bacterial Active, effectively protects and fights germs and bacteria
  • Moisturizing Active, treats hand skin to be smooth and soft
  • pH Balanced formula
  • Suitable for everyday use 

Apply a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS) by Washing Hands with Soap (CTPS) every day. Washing Hands with Soap is a sanitary action in thoroughly cleaning hands and fingers using running water and liquid soap for at least 20 seconds to make them clean. Washing hands with water alone has proven to be ineffective in maintaining health compared to washing hands with soap. CTPS becomes effective because dust, grease and dirt that sticks will be released when the hands are rubbed (chemically or mechanically), in the fat and dirt that sticks are living germs. So washing hands with soap is scientifically proven to be effective in preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Viva Hand Wash Calming Aloe Vera with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice and the soothing aroma of Aloe is a hand soap that is safe to use. Not only that, Viva Hand Wash is not only formulated with surfactants that can lift dust and dirt on the hands, but also with active Antibacterial which is effective against bacteria and germs. Also with moisturizing active to keep the skin of the hands well-groomed, smooth and soft with a pH balanced so that it is suitable for daily use.

Use Viva Hand Cream afterwards, to optimize hand skin protection.

Instructions for use:

Pour enough Viva Hand Wash on wet palms. Lather and rub on palms, backs of hands, between fingers and fingertips. Rinse with running water until clean.

Available packaging: 250 mL

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