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Wajah terlihat muda dan mulus, tapi tangan terlihat kasar dan pecah-pecah?

Peduli mulai sekarang!

Intensive Care Hand Serum, perawatan kulit tangan yang lembut dengan formula mudah meresap dan tidak lengket, dengan kandungan:

Shea butter

Sweet Almond Oil

Moisturizing complex

Vitamin: Vit E & pro Vit B5

Antibacterial agent

Bisabolol sebagai soothing active

pH Balanced

Gunakan Viva White Intensive Care Hand Serum Deeply Moisturizing untuk perawatan kulit tangan yang sangat kering hingga pecah – pecah. 

For dry & cracked  skin.


Body mist dengan aroma maskulin yang menyegarkan. Kombinasi aroma bergamot yang segar dan aroma pepper yang berkarakter, dan dibalut dengan aroma cedarwood yang meningkatkan maskulinitas.


Body mist dengan perpaduan aroma olibanum, geranium, yang dibalut dengan aroma musky patchouli. Kombinasi yang sempurna untuk mereka yang menyukai tantangan.


Body mist dengan perpaduan aroma fruity floral. Diawali dengan aroma red apple, tea rose yang manis. Aroma bunga magnolia dan musky yang menambahkan kesan feminin, namun atraktif.


Body mist dengan aroma fruity floral. Diawali dengan aroma bergamot yang segar, diikutidengan aroma pink freesia dan waterlily, serta meninggalkan aroma akhir sweet musky ditubuh. Perpaduan aroma yang memberikan kesan segar, ceria, dan flirty.


Body mist dengan perpaduan aroma dewberry, freesia, dan amber yang hangat dan manis, dibubuhi aroma citrus di awal yang menambahkan kesan segar.


Sunscreen Daily Protection for all skin types:

Non Alcohol

UV A & UV B Protection – against sunburn and premature skin aging

Blue Light Defense

Niacinamide, Extra Emollient & Moisturizer for skin barrier protection

Tone Up Effect

Brightening  Active

Hybryd Formula

Light skin feeling, non greasy & non sticky

No whitecast


Hydrate All Day Long

Viva Queen Rose Face Mist contains Niacinamide, Rose Extract, Moisturizing Complex, Collagen and Sodium Hyaluronate to moisturize, hydrate, help brighten while maintaining skin smoothness and firmness. The aroma of the rose gives relaxation and freshness to your facial skin.

Use it whenever your face needs freshness and moisture.

Can be used before/after makeup


One Step Cleanser for All Skin Types with Rose Extract & Collagen

A single-swipe mild cleanser "Cleansing Micellar", with a soothing aroma sensation of Rose and Collagen which helps maintain skin softness and smoothness during use.

Aqua Based

FREE Alcohol 

Refreshing & Soothing 



Product care Anti Bacterial Active* hair ( 99.99 % kill pathogenic bacteria ) with a formula without alcohol , practical used any time and anywhere . Contain Silky & Moisturizing Complex , Provitamin B5 ( Panthenol ) , Deodorizer and Hair Fiber Bond that gives 6 BENEFITS for nurse hair your beautiful .

• Hair feel more smooth & soft 

• Hair look sparkling experience 

• Hair more easy set 

• Hair fragrant and free smell not delicious 

• Help nurse strength sheet hair 

• Help protect hair from effect bad ray sun & styling tools


Make-up primer to disguise pores and fine lines on the face, making skin and makeup look more perfect and last longer. Enriched with Vitamin E as an antioxidant.

Apply evenly all over the face, and get your flawless look.


Viva Queen Perfect Collection Eye Color, a collection of nude to dark colors in one palette! Consists of 10 eye shadow colors that are finely textured, pigmented, easy to blend, buildable and do not cause fall-out.

Get stunning eye makeup looks from Bold, Glamor, to Natural Look. The perfect eye makeup for every occasion.

The 01 Eternity series consists of 8 luxurious shimmer shades and 2 intense mattes.


Hand sanitizer, optimally cleans grease, dirt, germs and bacteria by:

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice provides natural moisture
  • Soothing aloe scent
  • Anti Bacterial Active, effectively protects and fights germs and bacteria
  • Moisturizing Active, treats hand skin to be smooth and soft
  • pH Balanced formula
  • Suitable for everyday use 

Viva Queen Perfect Luster Highlighter helps shape the dimensions of your face, with natural, long-lasting glowing results and the face looks more perfect.

Stick shape is very practical and easy to apply on the face.

It's time for you to make your face glow naturally. 


This blush, makes a natural & soft look on any makeup. Available in colors that can be adapted to various skin tones.

The Perfection Blush formula creates a natural sheer look for everyday wear.

Microcoated Powder Technology, very smooth and light


Matte Finish

Natural Sheer Color 

•  Buildable 


Gentle Care Face & Body Moisturizer, a moisturizer that has been dermatologically tested suitable for sensitive skin, can be used for the face and the entire body.

Formulated with several advantages for sensitive skin:

  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Superb moist ingredients
  • Mild
  • pH balanced
  • 0% Paraben
  • 0% Alcohol
  • with Allergen Free Fragrance
  • no color additive