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Daily Cover Up




Cover Up
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The perfect cleansing combination of oil phase and water phase leaves skin completely flawless, supple and smooth.

  • • Instant removes Make Up even Waterproof Make Up, with Moisturizer and Cucumber Extract for Advanced Care
  • • Alcohol Free (0% Alcohol)
  • • Non Greasy Sensation

Perfect Cleanse Make Up Remover, a new way for better cleansing.

VIVA QUEEN Perfect Cleanse Make Up Remover is a 2 phase make up cleanser*, which has been clinically proven to cleanse the make up entirely, even thru waterproof make up such as mascara, eye liner and others. The Gentle formulation makes it very safe to use, even on the eyes and lips area. It also contains Moisturizer and cucumber extract for an additional freshening effect and maintaining the skin’s natural moisture.

The 2 phases mentioned early are the oil phase and water phase with an optimal composition ratio, perfect for removing any dirtiness and makeup without leaving greasy sensation on the face.

How To Use:

Shake Well Before use. Pour sufficiently on cotton, then put and wipe it on to remove any make up and dirt on face, eye lids, lips up until the neck area.

Available size : 65 ml

Make-up primer to disguise pores and fine lines on the face, making skin and makeup look more perfect and last longer. Enriched with Vitamin E as an antioxidant.

Apply evenly all over the face, and get your flawless look.

Viva Queen Perfect Blurring & Wrinkle Corrector is a make-up primer that functions to disguise pores and fine lines on the face so as to produce a flawless, smooth and long-lasting make-up appearance. Its translucent appearance allows this product to blend in with various skin tones and tones. Enriched with Vitamin E which functions as an antioxidant.

How to use :

Apply evenly all over the face. Use alone or before using foundation. Can also be used only on areas with visible pores or facial lines that you want to disguise.

Available packaging: 10 g

Perfect Coverage Foundation!

Cover Foundation that easily blurring acne scars, spot, fine lines, and other skin imperfections.

Get Benefits for your Perfect Look :

• Full Coverage

• Soft Focus (Blurring fine lines & wrinkle)

• Matte Finish

• Long Lasting

• Waterproof

• Easy Blends

• Weigtless Feel

Combine with Viva Queen Perfection seires to have silky smooth and long lasting.

Viva Queen Perfect Look Cover Up is a waterproof foundation with soft and smooth texture which easily blurring imperfection on the face, such as acne scars, spots, and fine lines.

Get benefits :

full coverage & matte finish, the color of the skin will look more even with maximum coverage and matte finish

soft focus (blurring fine lines & wrinkle), this product contains soft focus agent which help in covering wrinkles and fine lines on the face, therefore perfecting your face makeup

long lasting & waterproof, made from micro coated powder technology material which will make this foundation last longer when used

Available in 3 color options that can be adjusted to your skin color.

How To Use :

Use it on cleansed face. Apply evenly on the face and neck by using fingers or sponge. Can be directly applied or after a moisturizer usage. Combine it with VIVA QUEEN Perfection Natural Bright Loose Powder for a smooth and long lasting make up. To Clean up, use Viva Eye & Lip Make Up Remover.

Available size : 13 g

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