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Daily Idul Fitri Hygene

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Hand Moisturizer Spray with Anti Bacterial Active, hand sanitizer without rinse, effectively kills germs quickly, instant daily protection anywhere and anytime.

  • Contains Alcohol 70% which quickly kills germs.
  • Butylene Glycol and Aloe Vera Juice, as a Moisturizer Complex, which easily absorb, gives coolness and helps to moisturizes the skin when applied, does not cause any excessive dryness on your skin.
  • Mild formula.

Hand Moisturizer Spray used for moisturizing, refreshing and keeping your hands protected from germs.

With moisturizer complex from Butylene Glycol and Aloe Vera Juice, it can give you coolness and moisture when applied. Anti bacterial action of Alcohol 70% in it helps protect your hands from germs.

How to use:

Spray into the palm, then rub hand together evenly to all parts of your hands, palms and between fingers. Rub hands until dry (20 seconds).


• Flammable products, store at <40ºC.

• For external use only.

• In case contact with eyes, rinse with water.


Soft hand & nail cream contains  Vitamin F and Allantoin to soften the hand skin and maintain nail care that is not easily fragile. Enriched with Honey Melon extract as a natural Moisturizer to keep skin moist. Easily absorbed, not sticky on the skin and has a fresh aroma. Use regularly to make your nails healthier and stronger. Makes the skin smooth and soft.

How to Use :

Apply Viva Hand & Nail Cream to all the hand skin including the skin around the nails. Then massage lightly. Use as needed, especially after bathing and washing hands.

Available Size : 40 g

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