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One Step Cleanser for All Skin Types

Pembersih praktis sekali usap dengan Teknologi “Cleansing Micellar”, formulanya yang ringan mampu mengangkat partikel debu, kotoran, hingga make up waterproof dari permukaan kulit dengan tuntas tanpa perlu dibilas.

  • • Aqua Based
  • • FREE Alcohol & Perfume
  • • Refreshing & Shooting Active with Pure Cucumber Water & Chamomile Extract
  • • Hydrates

Viva Queen Advanced Cleanse Micellar Water

MILD for Skin, WILD for Dirt, One Step Cleanser

Now cleaning dust, dirt and even waterproof make up, has become as easy as flicking your fingers, just wipe it once, and the dirt is lifted, because Viva Queen Advanced Cleanse Micellar Water works to lift up all the dirt without waste, while maintaining the moisture and the freshness of your skin.

How does Micellar Water work?

With the "Cleansing Micellar" technology, Micelle or the surfactant molecule in it, is able to work on the surface layer of dirt, bind the dirt well and lift it from the skin no need to be rinsed or scrubbed hard.

Aqua Based

Aqua based, makes the skin feel light and soft. Specially made without alcohol and perfume.

Viva Queen Advanced Cleanse Micellar Water is equipped with Refreshing & Soothing Active from Pure Water Cucumber & Chamomile Extract for the benefits of refreshing and soothing facial skin.

No need to worry about the cleanliness of your skin, because Viva Queen Advanced Cleanse Micellar Water will always restore the beauty of your skin.

How to use :

Pour an enough amount on cotton, wipe the face to clean dirt and make up on the eyelids, lips and entire face. Repeat cleaning if necessary. Can be used without rinsing.

Available : 100 mL

Viva Queen Whitening Advanced Face Serum, specially design for tropical skin, with feature :

  • • Weightless : Light cream formulation for pleasant skinfeel
  • • Non Greasy : no residue on skin after use
  • • Good Absorption : immediate moisturize your skin on first time applied
  • • Smooth Feel : allows your skin feel supple, smooth and soft

We are all living in tropical country with intense of sunlight during the year, which can lead our skin produce a lot of melanin. Melanin is a good pigmen that produce by our skin. In a normal condition it protects our skin. But radiation from direct sunlight trigger our skin to produce more melanin. High concentration of melanin makes our skin look darker and also dull. Combination actives in Viva Queen Whitening Advance Face Serum effectively bring your skin into bright and healthy looking skin in 28 days.*
* Based on clinical study of Viva Queen Whitening Advanced Face Serum

How do the actives work?

  • Vitamin C, as a super antioxidant helps brighten your skin, prepare your skin to fight against aging and provides collagen synthesis for good elasticity of skin.
  • Niacinamide, one of essential vitamin, known as Vitamine B3 supports Vitamine C effectivity by inhibiting melanin transfer from melanocytes to keratinocytes (first outer layer in our skin).
  • Moisture Complex such as :
    1. Natural Betaine, natural moisturizing to attracts water and maintains cell water balance. Betaine offers anti irritant effect, that can reduce redness and calms irritating skin.
    2. Allantoin, moisturizes, calms your irritating skin and provides skin renewall.
    3. Chamomile Extract, extracted from Chamomilla Recutita Flower which widely known as natural calming agent for irritating skin and provides moisturizer.

Combination 5 actives in Viva Queen Whitening Advanced Face Serum and other ingredients work together to brighten skin effectively.

How to use?

  • Clean your face. Take Viva Queen Whitening Advanced Face Serum about 2 pumps.
  • Apply into your face and neck, gently massage until all the serum absorbs into the skin.
  • Wait for at least 3 minutes before using other skincare / decorative products.

* Based on clinical result of Viva Queen Whitening Advanced Face Serum
** Self evaluation in 27 Asian woman, age range 15 – 55yo, for 56 days.

Handling & Storage :
Store this product in a cool dry area, away from sunlight and heat to keep the product in good condition.

Available size : 30 mL pump bottle.

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