Face Mask Bengkuang 500 gr

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Face Mask Bengkuang

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    Face Mask Bengkuang 500 gr

    Face Mask Bengkuang 500 gr

    Face Mask Bengkuang

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product description

Face mask for all skin types functions as cleansing, lifting up dead skin cells, and caring for skin tightness. Contains Bengkuang (Jicama) extract  for the skin to look brighter.

How to Use :
Mix enough Viva Bengkuang (Jicama) Face Mask with Viva Air Mawar (Rose Water) evenly. Apply evenly  to the face (avoid eyes and lips), let it dry for 10-15 minutes. Clean with warm water or a wet washcloth.
Continue with the use of Viva Face Tonic according to skin type. Use regularly every 2 weeks.

Available Size : 30 g, 500 g.