Milk Cleanser Bengkuang

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Milk Cleanser Bengkuang 

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    Milk Cleanser Bengkuang

    Milk Cleanser Bengkuang

    Milk Cleanser Bengkuang 

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product description

Milk Cleanser for normal skin contains natural ingredients of Bengkuang (Jicama) Extract for facial skin for a  brighter look and Sun Flower extract for treating facial skin elasticity or flexibility.

How to Use :
Apply Viva Bengkuang (Jicama) Milk Cleanser  to the skin of the face and neck, do a light massage, then remove with a tissue / cotton. Continue with the use of Viva Bengkuang (Jicama) Face Tonic. Use before putting make-up on and at night before bed.

Available Size : 100 ml