Body Painting

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Body Painting

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    Body Painting

    Body Painting

    Body Painting

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product description

Cream color art for face / body painting with a stronger, brighter and more glamorous color intensity.  It is easily attached and applied more to the skin and waterproof so it does not easily fade, but it is still easy to clean. It is safe to use on body, face, or even  the lips. Offered in 12 choices of colors.

How to Use :
Apply Viva Body Painting  to the face / body with a brush / hand in accordance with Face / Body Painting that will be created. For maximum results, it should be preceded by smearing Viva Queen Covering Cream evenly to the face / body to be painted. Then sprinkle with Viva Face Powder /   Viva Queen Shimmering Loose Powder. To clean use Viva Body Painting Remover.

Available Size : 9 g